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Tentativo Studios - Indie Games ( 2022 - Current )

In 2022 I met a fabulous team thanks to the first Level Up Game JAM. We decided that we needed to keep working together after that to see how many awesome games we were able to make. I became one of the founder members of our studio and the 2D Artist lead.

Flantastic Café Run (2023 - Current) - Promotional & concept art

IcarOO MisIOOn (2022) - Indie Spain JAM art

Art made for the JAM game "IcarOO MisIOOn" for the Indie Spain JAM (2022). I'm proud to share the art that was made in only a week of development for our 3D first person puzle game. You can play it here:

La flor de Azahar (2022) - 1st Best Art of Level Up Game Jam

I was in charge to make all the 2D for the game made during the one week Level Up game JAM 2022, ‘La flor de Azahar’, a funny card game about an orange looking for their other half. The game won the 1st place at the ‘game art’ category of the JAM.
You can play the Beta version at itchio:

Save Games Studio - VR character customization project ( 2020 - 2021 )

Concept art made for Save Game Studio as part of a VR customization engine during my time as intern.

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Hello! I'm Ana, a passionate artist from Spain who loves fantasy, coziness, and worldbuilding. I have a background of Fine Arts and two years of experience as a freelancer making games!

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