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Hi there!

I'm Ana Vélez Villegas, also known as Vevian on social media. I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist from Seville, Spain, who's passion always has been to draw charismatic characters and tell their stories.

After more than five years of being a selft taught artist, working on my own merchandising store and publish three collaborative artbooks, I decided to start my career as freelancer in 2021. This year is started working on my biggest project so far, still in development and under NDA, while later in 2022

I became a founder member and Lead 2D Artist 

of Tentativo Studios. We are currently working on Flantastic: Café Run, our fist mobile game.


Skills & software:

- Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


Biografía: Bienvenido
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Hello! I'm Ana, a passionate artist from Spain who loves fantasy, coziness, and worldbuilding. I have a background of Fine Arts and two years of experience as a freelancer making games!

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